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Friends only - Reiteration.

This is what I call my "mental free for all." I am currently battling severe depression and anxiety and an eating disorder. This is where I write of the struggles that come with trying to overcome the previously mentioned disorders. I tend to be very raw and cryptic at times. I also post things that may be triggering because, well, some aspects of my life may be triggering to some people. I do, however, always put 'triggers' under a well labled cut.

If you don't want to read about my daily battles then i suggest not adding me. I try to keep things light and funny but there are times that my posts aren't the most pleasant thing to read. I am also insanely sarcastic so if you don't want to deal with that, it's not my problem.

My journal is friends-only because I am a little paranoid about things falling into the wrong hands, or eyes, in this case. Chances are if I know you IRL, I'll add you but put you under a filter if there are things going on I don't want all of La Reina knowing about. If you are from LJ then I will most definately add you unless you are "TOTALLYL PR0-ANA BCUZ STARVING IS TEH B3SZZT AND OMG, I LOST A POUND." No offense, but that is just not cool. Eating disordes are a diesase, not something you do to be 'cool.' Because frankly, there is NOTHING cool about struggling with somethign so seeminly simple as food.

Ok that's my little rant. I'm not as seriously bitchy as I sound in this entry. I promise.
xx <3 Gina

if you're already on my list and are reading this, don't worry - i'm just updating my friends only post because its OLDDD kiloveubye
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